Our First Online Life Losing Competition

We were really excited to be able to enter our first online life losing ADFP competition this month. Huge thanks to Clifton Promotions for organising such a well run comp and allowing our dancers the opportunity to lose lives in their grades for the first time since the Covid pandemic began. There were large numbers of entries in all sections and all our dancers should be super proud of themselves whether or not they got recalls, into semi finals or final places.

Well done Paige for losing a life in Fast!

Evie Dowse

4th non-ADFP U12 Starter Slow


Isla Roberts

3rd non-ADFP U14 Inter Fast
4th non-ADFP U14 Starter Slow

Amelie Adams

5th non-ADFP U14 Beginner Fast
5th non-ADFP U14 Beginner Slow

Katie Odds

6th non-ADFP U14 Starter Fast
5th non-ADFP U14 Starter Slow

Paige McDermid

3rd ADFP U14 Beginner Fast: LIFE LOST!
4th ADFP U14 Beginner Slow
1st non-ADFP U14 Beginner Fast
2nd non-ADFP U14 Beginner Slow

Tilly Benson

2nd non-ADFP Adult Inter Fast
2nd non-ADFP Adult Starter Slow

Georgia Marsh

1st ADFP Adult Champ Fast
4th ADFP Adult Inter Slow

Jorja Brookes

5th ADFP Adult Inter Fast
3rd non-ADFP Adult Inter Fast
1st non-ADFP Adult Inter Slow

Maddie Lewis

1st non-ADFP Adult Inter