The Milton Keynes Dance Centre had a very busy Sunday, with a morning full of IDTA Examinations for half of the school followed by a lively performance for our Ballroom & Latin Pupils at the MK Theatre for this year’s “Rock Challenge” Performing Arts Competition.

Pupils from as young as our Lollipops, all the way through to our Adult Beginners classes participated in the Exams on Sunday.

The IDTA Exams are an excellent way for our pupils to set themselves goals and feel a real sense of achievement knowing that they can dance at a high level.

Whats more, once you’ve completed your exam, you are then able to take part and compete at the Regional Qualifiers for National Championships at the iconic Blackpool Winter Gardens!

Well Done to you all for a fantastic weekend, you should be very proud!

Take a look at our busy weekend in pictures below:

Rock Challenge Rock Challenge2

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