Maidstone Freestyle Trophy Day: 3rd October

A small selection of our Squad attended this competition in Maidstone on Sunday achieving some great results. Special mentions go to Bethan for coming 1st and losing a life in both Solos and Slow and to Evie for coming 1st in Slow, losing her third life and moving up to Inters.

Fast Solos

U12 Beginners: 4th Eva Mayer-Benson; 6th Evie Dowse

U14 Starters: 1st Bethan Cursley (life lost); 4th Katie Odds; Joint 6th Paige McDermid

Adult Starters: 1st Caitlin Curtis

Adult Inters: 5th Tilly Benson


U14 Beginners: 2nd Paige McDermid

U12 Starters: 1st Evie Dowse (life lost, now an Inter); 3rd Eva Mayer-Benson

U14 Starters: 2nd Isla Roberts (life lost); 4th Katie Odds

Adult Starters: 2nd Caitlin Curtis; 3rd Tilly Benson

U14 Inters: 1st Bethan Cursley (life lost)


U12 Beginners: 5th Summer Willis & Tegan Bibby

U12 Inters: 1st Eva Mayer-Benson & Evie Dowse

Adult Inters: 2nd Caitlin Curtis & Rosie Owen

U14 Champs: 1st Isla Roberts & Katie Odds

Adult Champs: 5th Tilly Benson & Bethan Cursley