Skegness Online Championships 2021

Great results for the small group of our dancers who entered this online competition.

Evie Dowse

2nd U12 Beginner Fast
5th U12 Starter Slow
3rd U12 Acro

Paige McDermid

2nd U14 Beginner Fast
4th U14 Beginner Slow
1st U14 Street
3rd U14 Acro

Eva Mayer-Benson

5th U12 Beginner Fast
3rd U12 Starter Slow
1st U12 Showdance

Olivia Reynolds

4th U16 Starter Fast
3rd U16 Starter Slow

Jorja Brookes

4th Adult Inter Fast
2nd Adult Inter Slow

Katie Odds

4th U14 Starter Fast
4th U14 Starter Slow
3rd U14 Street
4th U14 Acro
3rd U14 Showdance

Tilly Benson

3rd Adult Inter Fast
1st Adult Starter Slow