MKDC brought home an amazing 39 trophies from the National Competition at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool this weekend, including 8 1st place trophies for 2018 National Champions in Rock ‘n’ Roll.

The dancers all brought their best attitudes with them to Blackpool and the atmosphere in the MKDC camp was electric!

The Comp Squad Team would like to thank all the children, parents, grandparents, friends and family for their support of the whole squad over the weekend; the team camaraderie and encouragement shown for all our dancers, even from those who had just faced disappointments themselves, was fantastic.

A huge well done to everyone!

Freestyle Solos

3-5 years Rosette

6th Jacob Christie

Solo Jacob

6-8 years Rosette

38th Eva Mayer-Benson

41st Evie Dowse

6-10 years Stardance

12th Molly-May Baker

12th Sam Gardner

53rd Katie Odds

61st Eliza Curwood

10-12 years

12th Jess White

21st Olivia Reynolds

46th Ella Carr

46th Pedro Gieseke

13-15 years

5th Georgia Marsh

Solo Georgia

19th Charlotte Belton

23rd Maddie Lewis

57th Alice Wheeler

16-18 years

11th Shelby Anderson

26 years and above

10th Ally Clarke

Slow Dance

7-9 years

7th Bethan Cursley

10th Molly-May Baker

39th Evie Dowse

39th Olivia Downing

43rd Katie Odds

10-12 years

6th Ella Carr

Slow Ella

24th Summer Purcell

43rd Jess White

13-15 years

2nd Georgia Marsh

Slow Georgia

21st Charlotte Belton

65th Alice Wheeler

70th Tilly Benson

16-18 years

4th Shelby Anderson

Slow Shelby

Freestyle Pairs

Up to 6 years

11th Jack Chambers & Jacob Christie

7-9 years

15th Katie Odds & Molly-May Baker

15th Evie Dowse & Eva Mayer-Benson

30th Bethan Cursley & Eliza Curwood

10-12 years Boy/Girl

4th Pedro Gieseke & Olivia Reynolds

Pairs Olivia Pedro

7th Sam Gardner & Rosie Owen

10-12 years Girl/Girl

25th Jess White & Jenna Chambers

36th Summer Purcell & Yasmin Croft

52nd Paige McDermid & Isla Roberts

13-15 years Girl/Girl

21st Charlotte Belton & Amy Smith

21st Ella Carr & Georgia Marsh

33rd Jorja Brookes & Maddie Lewis

37th Caitlin Curtis & Alice Wheeler

16-18 years Lady/Lady

19th Shelby Anderson & Tilly Benson

26 years and above

5th Ally Clarke & Nicole Tulloch

Pairs Ally Nicole

Rock ‘n’ Roll

Up to 9 years

1st Molly-May Baker & Eliza Curwood

RnR MM Eliza

3rd Bethan Cursley & Katie Odds

RnR Katie Bethan

7th Isla Roberts & Olivia Downing

14th Evie Dowse & Cora Purcell

55th Eva Mayer-Benson & Lillie Collins

10-12 years Boy/Girl

1st Sam Gardner & Jess White

RnR Sam Jess

2nd Pedro Gieseke & Ella Carr

RnR Ella Pedro

3rd Harry Yeo & Yasmin Croft

RnR Harry Yasmin

5th Peter Grange & Rosie Owen

RnR Peter Rosie

7th Oliver Cahill-Shaw & Paige McDermid

10-12 years Girl/Girl

13th Gracie-Brooke Neil & Olivia Cooke

13th Summer Purcell & Olivia Reynolds

13-15 years Boy/Girl

1st Ryder Gronneberg & Verity Marangos

RnR Ryder Verity

2nd Rudolf Gieseke & Polly Owen

RnR Rudolf Polly

13-15 years Girl/Girl

1st Alice Wheeler & Georgia Marsh

RnR Georgia Alice

5th Charlotte Belton & Tilly Benson

RnR Charlotte Tilly

13th Amy Smith & Maddie Lewis

49th Paisley Brown & Cyrah Neil

16-18 Lady/Lady

26th Caitlin Curtis & Shelby Anderson

26-35 years

5th Andrew Coppin & Nicole Tulloch

RnR Andrew Nicole

6th Vicki Benson & Becki Downing

Version 2

36 years and above

2nd Samantha Harrison & Michael Page

RnR Sam Michael

5th John & Jo Fuller

RnR John Jo

6th Ally & Debbie Clarke

Version 2


9 years and under

6th Mini Miltons

Mini Miltons

Up to 13 years

4th Wonderland


Mixed Age

4th The Untold

The Untold

A wonderful weekend for the MKDC Comp Family 😊

Well done to every single dancer who represented MKDC

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