Good results for the MKDC Comp Squad at the Legend Comp in Northampton on Sunday 23rd June; well done to all our dancers for doing their best on the huge floor and for supporting each other throughout the day.

Special congratulations to Pedro who came 1st in all four events event and lost lives in all three graded events!

Well done to all the other dancers who lost lives including:
– Sam who lost lives in all 3 graded events and moved up to Starters in Slow;
– Kameron who moved up to Starters in Solos by coming 1st for the third time at her third ADFP Comp;
– Jess who moved up to Starters in Solos;
– Maddie who moved up to Inters in Slow;
– Molly-May and Isla who moved up to Champs in Pairs;
– Rosie and Sam who moved up to Starters in Pairs.

Our full results were as follows.

Rock ‘n’ Roll

Under 10

2nd Lillie Collins & Eva Mayer-Benson

4th Cora Purcell & Evie Dowse

IMG_5314 IMG_5312

Under 12

1st Oliver Cahill-Shaw & Paige McDermid

2nd Peter Grange & Rosie Owen

3rd Bethan Cursley & Isla Roberts

4th Molly-May Baker & Eliza Curwood

6th Emily White & Abbie Peach

IMG_5322 IMG_5445 IMG_5319 IMG_5318 IMG_5316

Under 14

1st Pedro Gieseke & Katie Odds

2nd Jess White & Sam Gardner

6th Jenna Chambers & Olivia Shirley

IMG_5326 IMG_5324

Under 16

1st Ella Carr & Ryder Gronneberg

2nd Rudolf Gieseke & Polly Owen

3rd Amy Smith & Maddie Lewis

IMG_5447 IMG_5332


2nd Georgia Marsh & Alice Wheeler



 Under 4

1st Amelie Christie

2nd Torben Gregory

IMG_5345 IMG_5344

Under 6 Beginners

2nd Jacob Christie


Under 10 Beginners

4th Evie Dowse – lost a life


Under 12 Beginners

1st Kameron Woodhams – lost a life and now a Starter!

2nd Sam Gardner – lost a life

6th Abbie Peach

 IMG_5353 IMG_5351

Under 14 Beginners

2nd Jess White – lost a life and now a Starter!

5th Summer Purcell

IMG_5354 IMG_5355

Under 12 Starters

5th Katie Odds


Under 14 Starters

1st Pedro Gieseke – lost a life


Under 16 Starters

3rd Maddie Lewis

4th Charlotte Belton

5th Jorja Brookes


Under 18 Starters

2nd Alice Wheeler

4th Nathan Eldridge

IMG_5367 IMG_5366

Under 16 Champs

4th Georgia Marsh



Under 12 Beginners

1st Sam Gardner – lost a life  and now a Starter!

2nd Kameron Woodhams – lost a life


Under 14 Beginners

1st Pedro Gieseke – lost a life


Under 16 Beginners

1st Amy Smith


Under 12 Starters

2nd Bethan Cursley – lost a life


Under 14 Starters

4th Yasmin Croft


Under 16 Starters

1st Maddie Lewis – lost a life and now an Inter!

3rd Caitlin Curtis

IMG_5398 IMG_5397

Under 18 Starters

2nd Nathan Eldridge


Under 12 Inters

5th Molly-May Baker


Under 16 Inters

3rd Georgia Marsh

6th Charlotte Belton

IMG_5408 IMG_5407


Under 12 Beginners

1st Sam Gardner & Rosie Owen – lost a life and now Starters!

5th Abbie Peach & Amelie Adams

IMG_5416 IMG_5415

Under 14 Beginners

5th Olivia Shirley & Summer Purcell


Under 10 Inters

5th Eva Mayer-Benson & Evie Dowse


Under 12 Inters

1st Isla Roberts & Molly-May Baker – lost a life and now Champs!


Under 14 Inters

1st Pedro Gieseke & Jess White – lost a life


Under 16 Inters

5th Amy Smith & Charlotte Belton


Under 12 Champs

3rd Eliza Curwood & Bethan Cursley


Under 16 Champs

1st Georgia Marsh & Ella Carr

2nd Maddie Lewis & Jorja Brookes