MKDC Annie Audition


Milton Keynes Dance Centre
is putting on a production of..

We are looking for a lively & ambitious group of kids who love to sing, dance or act to be a part of our fantastic Theatre Factory group and participate in the beloved, well known musical of Annie!

Our Theatre Factory Teacher, Nicky, is extremely excited to direct this production. With over 20 years experience in dance direction and choreography at huge institutions and famous venues (some performances were even for the Royal Family!), Nicky’s expertise have taken her all over the world, collaborating with some of the most established names in the business. She later founded her own Musical Theatre Agency for 3 years, securing work for clients at some incredible productions.

Children between 6-16 years are welcome to join us for a fun day of workshops in Singing, Dancing & Acting. We will be working with the children and finding their strengths in all areas to be able to confirm a cast for the production.

Those that are lucky enough to be given an acting role, you will be invited to regular weekly rehearsals on Tuesdays 5-6pm, more details will be given on the day of the workshop.

Those that are given roles of ensemble, we will be holding irregular rehearsals on Sunday’s, you will be given plenty of notice & further details about the schedule.

Nothing to prepare for the day, just make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes, a bottle of water, a small snack.

Performance date & venue will be confirmed at a later date. 

To be a part of this fantastic opportunity, simply drop us an email or call us to confirm your place.